December Sky…

In my last post, I talked about how the sunsets are magical during the month of December.  Today is a good example! Although I did not get a shot of the sunset worth sharing, I did manage to grab a shot of a tree silhouette with the beautiful pinks and purple sky in the background. … Continue reading December Sky…

My Miracles….

My boys never cease to amaze me, day in day out.  They are growing up before my eyes, and I am having a hard time fathoming where the time went! They love to run, love to laugh, love LIFE to it's fullest.  Yep, they are 100% boys and do all the funny and gross things… Continue reading My Miracles….

Beautiful Friends Make Beautiful Photo Subjects!

I had the honour of taking portraits for my long time friend Angela and her son Christopher! We had a great time, and the results portray what a wonderful mom  Angela is!  You are such a sweet and kind soul! Thank you Ange!

Merry Christmas!

December is a magical month.  If you want to take some dramatic sunset pictures, beautiful foilage and floral shots, landscapes or outdoor portraiture, this is a great time to do it (weather premitting). Every month is magical, but something about the crispness in the air, the last leaves  clinging to the branches or fallen to… Continue reading Merry Christmas!