New Project..Greener Landz Soy Candles!

Greetings Friends!  It’s been over a month since my last blog entry! My boys were off school for a month long winter break.  They have been back to school for a few weeks, and I have been busy with “Product Still Life” photography.  I wrapped up another round of jewelry, and now it’s onto more creative horizons!!

I have the honor of shooting product still life for a company called “Greener Landz”.  I’m really excited about this project, as my creativity will be put to good use!!  In addition to interior designs, Greener Landz has a wonderful and earth conscious line of soy candles.  Their “Re-Wine” line,  are recycled wine bottles, carefully cut and filled with soy wax,  in a wide selection of beautiful, luscious scents!  They are clean and long burning candles, that will fill your room with lovely aromas coupled with a relaxing and intimate light.  They also have a line called “Lovable” which is their less expensive line, still filled with the scents of your choice,  in recycled “bell shaped” glass.

I just finished shooting one of  owner, Jennifer Fiero’s favorite Re-Wine candles, “Phantom” by Bogle Vineyards.  This candle was made especially for her (her partner cuts the wine bottles to smooth perfection by the way), but you can choose from their selection of wine bottles, and turn it into the perfect candle for your  home! 🙂

You can read more about Jennifer and Juliet on their bio page, and check out their awesome candles!!! The candles are beautiful and they smell wonderful!!!! 🙂

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