Surf, Sand, Sun…San Diego

Last week we went on a mini vacation to Paradise Point, in San Diego.  It was so nice to get away for a few days before the boys head back to school, after their month-long Spring recess.  We stayed at a nice island type resort, Paradise Point (formerly Vacation Village).  We had a great time… Continue reading Surf, Sand, Sun…San Diego

White Tea & Ginger Lovable Soy Candles from Greener Landz!

Here is the latest product still life that I shot for Greener Landz. Beautifully light and sweet scent, hence my decision to go with a brighter exposure.  Get your candles at . Thanks for taking a look! 🙂

Spring Has Sprung! :)

It's Sping Time!! Time to get out of the house and witness life anew.   Time for sprouting trees, blooming flowers, nesting birds, busy bees, and BASEBALL!  Yes, this is the season for Little Leauge as well.  My budding baseball stars are quickly blooming!!  It amazes me, when I look back just a few years ago… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung! 🙂