A Day in the Life of JJ & Jenni….

    It was a slightly overcast Saturday in May;  a perfect time to enjoy the solitude in my yard.  There were sounds of  busy bees & hummingbirds buzzing about,  an occasional mockingbird singing on the roof,  the sound of a small plane flying overhead,  and the sound of a lawn mower off in the distance.

Speaking of lawn mowers, it was a perfect day for cutting the grass, and munching on it too….if you are a cat that is. 🙂

JJ and Jenni followed me around the yard, investigating my every move.  They worked up an appetite, so they stopped every now and then          for a snack break.

    JJ sat there watching me.

    Then an aroma caught his senses:

    He decided now is a good time as any, to “Mow the lawn”…

    Jenni found her way over the fence after hearing her person’s laughter.  She always comes running when she hears my voice.  There can be no fun had, without her in attendance.

    Kitty see, kitty do:

    Jenni wonders what the clicking sound was, every time she attempted to take a bite…

    Visibly annoyed, she shoots me a glare as if to say “Enough with the photos, I’m trying to enjoy my grass!!! Pfft!”

    So, back to shooting roses I went.   Meow!

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