It’s Been A While…

Hello family & friends!  It’s been over a month since I have posted here!  I guess I have gotten caught up in the summer madness of keeping my kids entertained.  There is not a moment that goes by that they are not asking, “Where are we going today?” or “I’m bored, let’s go somewhere”!  For my boys, being bored is not having something to do, every minute of the day!! Grrrr!

We  celebrated Jonny’s 8th Birthday on July 3rd, complete with swimming party, fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers & cupcakes galore!  He had a great party, and received LOTS of money & gift cards!!  He bought a new Mongoose bike with all the money, and cannot wait to try it out at El Dorado Park (if we ever get over there).   Jonny has yet to fill out his “Thank You” cards, but we WILL get around to that eventually.  After Jonny’s birthday, we went to Harrah’s Rincon Casino in Valley Center where the boys swam like fish for two days straight.  Dad sipped Bloody Mary’s and mom sat in the shade and enjoyed the scenery.  Grandma Betty & Maydelle played slots, and Grandpa was busy going back and forth from big pool (cold pool) to little pool (heated pool).  I am sure he was worn out after that trip 🙂   I haven’t taken too many photos with my big cameras, but have taken hunreds with my blackberry cell cam.  I usually post my photos to my facebook page, to share with everyone there.   Most of you reading probably already have seen all our photos from our outings.

Today we went to lunch (to one of our favorite places with Grandma May…CPK), then afterwards we went to “Yogurt Twist” over in Los Alamitos.  Great place to have a healthy snack (that is, if you don’t pile a thousand gummy worms & captain crunch on top of an otherwise healthy serving of yogurt).  I should have taken a picture of Jonny’s creation, darn it! It was pretty funny! Anyways, while at the weighing station, weighing all our 20lbs of yogurt and gummie worms, there was a sign posted on a dry erase board “Photographers Wanted”!  Great, I need a JOB! Wait, oh it’s not a paying job, but an opportunity to display my artwork on the walls inside this yogurt place.  COOL!  So now I am going through all my photos, trying to figure out which one’s I should display.  Just when I thought keeping my boys entertained was difficult, try going through THOUSANDS of photos, trying to pick out about 5 worth sharing with the whole town of Los Alamitos & Cypress (that is, the one’s that like to eat at Yogurt Twist). 🙂

So that is what I am doing now, going through a gazillion photos in my archive.  I’m going to post a few favorites that I came across, and will add more as I find them.  Feel free to lend your opinions, suggestions, two cents, what have you.  I appreciate your help!

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer so far.

Big hugs…Kim

2 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…”

    1. Thanks Jesse!! Yeah, that was one of the first pics I uploaded. I took the chick photos the end of this May, in Jonny’s 2nd grade class. He had the BEST 2nd Grade Teather EVER!

      Anyways, I love taking photos of the kids, being kids…so much wonderment, adventure, interest…


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