Christmas Curiosity….

Here are a few ornaments from our tree, and also a few of our cats who are always curious to know what I am up to. 🙂

It’s Scentless, but Sure Pretty. :)

So here she is..our hypoallergenic Christmas Tree.  I do miss the smell of pine, but her beauty makes up for it! I am not an interior photographer, so please excuse the lighting quality. I'm also not all that savvy at putting the garland on the tree..can you tell? Haha!  🙂 I thought I'd attach one… Continue reading It’s Scentless, but Sure Pretty. 🙂

Sleepover+1am Bedtime+Wake up at 5am=Grumpy Photo Subjects!

The title says it all...actually the photos do! 🙂 Here are some "Outtakes" of my boys this afternoon on our annual Christmas Portrait Outing.  They were pretty good for the most part, until the moment when I asked Jonny to give me a "Good Smile" instead of the "Not So Good Smiles".  I knew soon… Continue reading Sleepover+1am Bedtime+Wake up at 5am=Grumpy Photo Subjects!

Jonny Dandelion

Hello everyone! We just got home from Home Depot with our Christmas Tree.  We wandered around the lot, looking for our perfect family tree.  I would have Darren hold up a tree, decide it wasn't the one and we'd move onto the next.  Jonny held up a great little tree (about 2 ft high) that… Continue reading Jonny Dandelion