Jonny Dandelion

Hello everyone!

We just got home from Home Depot with our Christmas Tree.  We wandered around the lot, looking for our perfect family tree.  I would have Darren hold up a tree, decide it wasn’t the one and we’d move onto the next.  Jonny held up a great little tree (about 2 ft high) that would be “The Cat’s Tree”, but our cat CJ prefers the LARGE trees that he can actually lay under!  After about 15 minutes of tree investigating, I spotted a beauty! I had Darren hold it up, turn it around, shake it up and down ( you know the whole 9 yards of Christmas Tree Inspection) and proclaimed the much anticipated phrase, “This is the ONE”!!  Darren hurries over to the cashier, eager to make our purchase and jet out.   Just before he’s about to swipe his card, he hears the dreaded “Wait a minute”!!!  The Christmas Tree Lot worker told me that this is a HYPOALLERGENIC TREE!!!  Heaven forbid we buy a tree that, GASP…DOESN’T SMELL!!!!   No way, no how will be buy a tree that has no scent!  I will have no part in this!  Visibly irritated, Darren walks away from the cash register to continue MY quest for “The Perfect Tree”.     Are you scratching your head yet, wondering what this has to do with “Jonny Dandelion”???  I’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s get back to Tree Purchasing 101 shall we?    The first tree that we decided on was scooped up by a family that was sitting along the sidelines, watching us go from tree to tree.  They would investigate the trees that we discarded into the reject pile, and found their “Perfect Tree” from the first tree we were going to get (which was a strongly scented Douglas Fir).  I’m a Noble Fir gal myself, but thought it would be neat to get a Douglas Fir for a change..until I found “The Perfect Tree”…scentless though..DRATS!   I’m blabbering…ok, back to the point.  I wasn’t about to let this tree fall into the hands of the lazy family that scours our reject pile.  The boys really didn’t mind that the tree didn’t smell like…well, a Christmas Tree.  Darren would have been happy with the 2 footer! 😉  So could I really decide on the scentless but BEAUTIFUL tree, that is fresh, beautiful and hypoallergenic?  Or do we wander the lot for who knows how long before I find the perfect Noble Fir?  Drum roll……..we bought the SCENTLESS TREE!   It’s beautiful, and I cannot wait to take photos of it to share.  I’ll light one of those nasty pine candles and pretend the tree smells like the mountains, until I buy a fresh wreath.  That should do the trick.

So now what about Jonny Dandelion?  When we arrived home, the boys hopped out of the truck and began to play catch in the grass.  Jonny found a HUGE dandelion (because we’ve been slackers in the gardening department.  Besides, we were saving up all our energies for Christmas Tree Inspection!).  Jonny was so very proud of this HUGE dandelion, that he wanted me to take photos of him with it!  Here they are. He’s such a nature nut like his shutter bug momma! 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Check back again for pictures of….The Scentless Christmas Tree!

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