Shabby Rose….

I picked this rose two days ago for my previous photo project, and it’s still hanging on!  The rose from my garden, that I shot the other day,  is an “Ice burg Rose”.  They don’t live long off the bush.  They quickly fade, droop and the petals fall off easily, but this rose is sure a trooper.  I thought I would put my painting skills (not really skills, lol. More like painting splatters & messes) and create more backgrounds.  This time I painted some yellow & green, a multicolor mess, a soothing blue and orange, and a rusty pinkish red backgrounds.  The green and yellow wasn’t very interesting, and the multicolor mess was..well…a mess.  The blue background grabbed my attention as well as the rusty reddish pink.  So, here is the same rose but with different backgrounds than my last post.  It has character in all it’s droopy, fading glory. 🙂

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