Roses Here, There & Everywhere!

Hello friends!

Spring is in full swing!  My roses are blooming like mad, and I am a happy camper!  We cut down four great, big trees in our backyard back in March, and since then I have been busy in my yard cleaning up, prepping the soil and planting flowers.  My roses which I planted over 6 years ago are finally in bloom!  I have been wanting to do some REAL gardening for years, and finally am able to do so.   With all the full sun we have, brought hundreds of roses…just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday!  I am so happy! LOL

I thought I would share some photos here, and also some photos I shot for a friend of mine who is a school teacher.  These photos are part of a Mother’s Day present for the kids to present to their Mothers on Friday.   I’m so happy to have been a part of that occasion. 🙂

I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother’s Day.


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