My Blog Has A New Look…and Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Instagram? <3

I decided to change things up a little bit.  It’s like getting a new bedspread, new drapes, new paint, a new hairdo….you catch the drift. 🙂  Please let me know what you think.  I appreciate all the visits and your thoughts/suggestions.  🙂

Let me also tell you how fun Instagram is! Instagram is a fun photo sharing app for the iPhone and Android which you can add cool vintage filters to make your photos more stylish.  I have been using Instagram for the past year, but recently started tagging my photos (like #crazycatlady or #editfromtheheart 🙂 ) which gets your photos more exposure and ultimately you will meet some really nice people who share the same interests & hobbies as you!  Want to learn more about Instagram? Check out their helpful blog, where you will find info how to use it, and will see postings from their weekend hashtag projects. Instagram really got me back in the swing of photography.  I never really put my cameras down per se, because I’m always taking pics of my kids and my cats, but I have slacked off in the creativity department for a while.  When I say creative, I am talking about how I really pay attention to the way the sunlight illuminates a subject, and how I add a creative flare to my photos in photoshop.  So Instagram kind of kicked me into gear. In addition Photoshop and Instagram, I use some great iPhone applications as well.  Snapseed, Fotoforge, Camera+, Color Splash to name a few.   Technology is amazing, especially for all the shutterbugs out there!  So, get out there with your iPhones & Adnroids and get to snapping! It’s fun, cheap, and you are creating memories that LAST! 🙂

Here are some of my latest Instagram Photos…just click HERE. 🙂

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