Our Adventure Around Laguna Niguel Lake

I decided to pry the xbox controllers from my boys hands (this wasn’t an easy task by any means), gather up our backpacks and head out on an adventure.  I didn’t know where we were going to go, but what I did know, it was going to be someplace outdoors away from TV’s, Video Games, Telephones (uh well minus my handy dandy iPhone) and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  So, after I managed to convince my boys to part with Minecraft & War Games (bribing them with food always works) we set off on our little adventure.  The first place to pop in my head was a park that I read about on the OC Parks Website, Mason Regional Park in Irvine, so I googled the address, programmed it into our navigation system and off we went.   Well, we made a little detour to Subway, grabbed our sandwiches and hit the road.   To make a long story short (and long drive with some navigation system mishaps), we weren’t impressed with Mason Regional.  We drove in, and drove out before  you could say “Fuhgetaboutit”.   It was a little too well manicured for our adventurous tastes.  We wanted some rugged outdoor terrain with poison oak, rattlesnakes & coyotes..OH MY!  Kidding, but we really were wanting to do some hiking on dirt trails and feel like we were not really at a park.  So, I decided to just hop back on the 405 Fwy, head south and see where we ended up.   Darren, my fishing addict husband, has been doing some research on lakes in the OC and mentioned wanting to check out Laguna Niguel Lake.  We happened to have been driving through Laguna Niguel, so I pulled off the freeway, googled Laguna Niguel Lake (thank goodness for the convenience of smart phones) and what do you know? We were just a mile and half down the road.

So…Laguna Niguel Regional Park (Laguna Niguel Lake & Fish Hatchery is located inside the park) is where we ended up! Here are just a few photos I took with my trusty Canon SLR and a few from the iPhone+Instagram.  We did a small hike around the lake (on semi paved trail ;).  We saw many squirrels, jack rabbits, hawks, lizards, butterflies and many different species of ducks.  Oh and of course, leave it to me to find some Daisies! 🙂   The lake is beautiful and peaceful. Of course we were there on a Monday, so not sure what the weekends are like, but  we will be making another trip back there before the end of summer to fish. For those interested in fishing at Laguna Niguel Lake, here’s a Laguna Niguel Fishing Report website to check out too. 🙂

Happy Summer to you all!

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