One Doesn’t Have to Venture Far to Experience the Wilds of Nature….

Hang out in your front our back yard with your camera, and nature comes to you!  🙂

I’ve been enjoying being able to garden. I’ve always loved to spend my days in our patio when we lived in our townhouse.  Then we moved into our home.  We had 4 great big trees that dropped a million leaves a day, 24/7, 365 days a year.  Last winter we had the trees cut down and I have been busy gardening ever since.  With all the new flowers, and the roses & butterfly bushes that I planted 6 years ago finally growing & blooming, brings about many new visitors to our backyard.  We have so many different species of butterflies that hang out on our Butterfly Bush. In addition to  the butterflies, we have MANY different types of birds, bees, dragonflies, and the dreaded WASPS.  Not just the average paper wasp & hornets, I’m talking GREAT BIG WASPS.  I have been terrorized by the most gigantic wasp I’ve ever seen.  He made his first appearance last spring.  I saw him once, so I figured he was just a rare species that came and gone, never to be seen again in my neck of the woods.  How wrong I was!  He’s been stalking me in my garden, lurking in the bushes and zooming by at astonishing speeds. I’ll have to get a radar gun and see how fast he flies.  I bet it’s around 70MPH!!! Haha..ok, I might be embellishing a tad, but not much.   So I’ve been waiting for the thing to come back today. I had my camera all ready, but I didn’t get a glimpse of him (Thank goodness).  I’ll tell you, I’ve had 3 nightmares of that thing, plotting his attack.  The last nightmare I had, he was about to stick me with his 7″ stinger!!!

Well, anyways…no such luck in capturing the monstrous Red Wasp but I did manage to discover some interesting bees and some of the more common visitors….and the resident fur balls. 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for the Red never know when he’ll zoom by! 🙂

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