My Photography Story

I've always enjoyed photography.  I got my first camera when I was in the 6th grade.  I sold stationery for some "Captain O" fundraiser, and I was determined to win that cool, skinny, brown camera that was toward the top of the prize list!  I went door to door with my catalogue and order slips,… Continue reading My Photography Story

Dodgers VS Yankees 3-28-15

Another win for the Dodgers!  We are 9-2 and in First Place!  GO Dodger Blue! Here are some shots from yesterday's game, which turned into a nail biter in the last 2 innings! For more information, check out the Cypress Pony/Colt Blog.


Spring is upon us, and the birds are busy building their nests as I was outside enjoying the beautiful morning light, sights and sounds of the season, while also waiting for photo opportunities.  I was lucky that I got a shot of this cute little yellow bird that has been visiting our Crape Myrtle Tree… Continue reading Transformation

Jonathan Adlesh on the Mound for the Bronco Astros 2015

Dodgers Vs Royals 3-21-15

To order quality prints, please see me at the field.  $10. for one, $20 for three. Please do not pull photos and print. You are welcome to share on facebook/social media but these images are copyrighted by Kim Adlesh Photography.  Thank you. The Dodgers fought hard and pulled off another win.  It was a close… Continue reading Dodgers Vs Royals 3-21-15

3-09-15 Pony Dodgers vs Tigers

Got the guns out last night and took a few (hundred) shots. These are my faves. Kim 🙂