My Photography Story

I’ve always enjoyed photography.  I got my first camera when I was in the 6th grade.  I sold stationery for some “Captain O” fundraiser, and I was determined to win that cool, skinny, brown camera that was toward the top of the prize list!  I went door to door with my catalogue and order slips, selling stationery like a champ, and the hard work paid off.  I got myself  that groovy, skinny Kodak Instamatic that used 110 film.  I took many photos with that camera, and was so proud that it was all mine!  Sure, my My mom and dad  had plenty of cameras through the years, but one that really stands out in my memory is the nifty Polaroid instant camera that spit out the film that developed slowly over a 10 minute period (that seemed to take an eternity).  That thing was “Like totally from the future”, I mean, we had a microwave oven, a color TV, a push button phone AND an INSTANT CAMERA!  Crazy cool technology for the early 80’s!  Speaking of the Polaroid Instant Camera, Do you remember anxiously waiting for the photo to slide out the end, rushing to grab it before your brother or sister did and fanning it to make it expose “Faster”?  How many of you tore those photos apart to see what was inside those photos and how the picture MAGICALLY appeared before our very eyes (because the stuff was toxic it made it all the more enticing for a kid to investigate)?  Yes, I was one of those kids that had to know, “How does it work”??  I never quite figured out the technological or Scientific workings, but I did have a knack at taking good photos.

Fast forward a couple decades and a “Couple” advances in technology…and enter the….DIGITAL ERA!  Instant photos right before your very eyes, on a tiny little screen, and you upload them to on your COMPUTER that you can print at HOME, or EMAIL to COSTCO and have printed on real photo paper!! Gone are the days of dropping off the dreaded rolls of FILM at the “1 Hour Photo Lab”!! Now we have bottomless photos, like bottomless sodas!! Holy Moly, times are a changing!!!  Not only was technology advancing, I was also becoming a Mommy for the first time!  With the birth of our first son, came the desire to take a gazillion photos of him, and not just a gazillion, so so, blurry photos, but GREAT photos, so next came the purchase of our very first digital camera, and HP Photosmart 2MP (Megapixels for the technologically challenged).  Let me tell you, I thought it took some pretty darn good photos, but the darn thing went through batteries like crazy.

Not long after we bought our HP digicam, a bunch of new, BETTER cameras came out on the market.  So shortly later we bought a Canon Powershot G2, that has a whopping 4MP (Megapixels) and the photos were amazing quality compared to that dinosaur HP! Haha…but not long after we bought the Canon Powershot, the advent of the DSLR was thrust on the scene.  D-S-L-R  Digital Single Lens Reflex. You know those big, clunky cameras with the big interchangeable lenses? Holy Bank Busting, Batman!  I had to have one!  So, the adventures in Digital Photography blossomed with each upgrade in my “Arsenal”.  Yes, I can now join the big camera geek crowd and say that I have an “Arsenal”.

During all this time I scoured the internet, learning the art of digital photography and joined some pretty intense photo critique forums to actually LEARN how to properly take a photograph.  I learned that I knew absolutely NOTHING about photography!! I learned that I had an “Eye” but I didn’t know how to actually take a striking, well composed photo, until I learned from the likes of William Eastman III, and many other great photographers.  I knew nothing of the “Rule of Thirds”, Composition, Lighting, Details, Exposure, Metering, F Stops, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, USM, Focal Lengths, Macros, White Balance, Reflections, Glare, Blown Out (over exposed), underexposed, cluttered/noisy backgrounds and the list goes on and on an on.  I also learned, that I needed a new camera, one that I can really learn how to take a photo properly.  So, my dearly beloved husband bought me my very first DSLR for Christmas in 2003, a Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  That camera produced some brilliant photos, both in clarity and color. I captured so many precious moments of my children with that faithful camera, but not before long did another camera come out, and I felt I outgrew the Rebel, and needed to challenge myself with an intermediate DSLR.   Enter the Canon EOS 20D (8MP), a tricky camera to learn but learn I did (with the help of all my photography friends, and one special friend in particular, Walt Imoto.  He is the nicest man on earth, and possibly the very best photography mentor anyone could have.  He is someone that was self taught, and I closely emulated his style, and by doing so, I learned a great deal how to compose an elegant image using natural lighting, and emphasizing details and natural beauty.  Walt taught me how to use my 20D DSLR and later my Speedlight External Flash.  This camera has been so reliable.  I used this camera for many portrait shoots, floral macros, product/jewelry still life, nature and of course the capturing of my ever growing children. I brought my 2oD to football games, countless baseball games, vacations, parks, beaches, parties, photography outings with friends and recorded timeless, priceless images.  A few years ago, my amazing brother bought me my very favorite camera, a Canon EOS 5D.  I don’t particularly want a new camera, as this one serves it’s purpose for me and produces outstanding quality images, although it is pretty touchy and tricky to use.   I can say that with each camera I’ve owned, every photo captured is an irreplaceable memory that my children will have for themselves and to pass on to their children and generations to come.  This is what makes photography so important. Recording life’s special moments.

Here some photos, one of Aaron taken with my first Digicam (HP Photosmart 2MP) in July 2002 and the other two of Jonny & Aaron (taken with Canon Powershot G2) in July 2003.  To this day, these are some of my all time favorites. ❤

Aaron Flag 2002Jonny's1st4thsfAaron&Jonny4th#2sf

Thanks for reading my long and winded story. 🙂


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