Astros Vs Marlins 4-14-15

Bronco Astros were back to their normal selves, playing great baseball!  Here are a "Few" of my favorite shots from our game against the Marlins which we won 3-2.  Great game and great job boys!

Allens Hummingbird

I planted a couple sage plants outside my front window almost ten years ago knowing they would attract Hummingbirds.  I have enjoyed many years of consistent visits from the Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.  It is such a calming and beautiful sight, to watch the hummingbirds hover over, going from one blossom to another, feeding and… Continue reading Allens Hummingbird

CYB Bronco Astros Vs Angels 4-12-15

This game wasn't one of our best but our boys played hard til the very end, and in the end it is what it; you win some and you lose some, but don't forget to haven fun! I shot some of the highlights, which were enough to fill up another gigabyte on my hard… Continue reading CYB Bronco Astros Vs Angels 4-12-15

Dodgers Defeat West GG Titans 2-0 for Another Win!

Yesterday's game against West Garden Grove Titans was a great game. Great pitching by Travis Wilson with Nate Sipe's help to seize another win. I took over 400 photos this time around, which I think is my new record!  Sorting through that many photos is quite a task, but I managed to sit here all… Continue reading Dodgers Defeat West GG Titans 2-0 for Another Win!

Dodgers Vs Royals 4-09-15

Here are some photos from the Dodgers Vs Royals April 9th game. We ended up in a tie, 4-4.  I took a few photos only as it was getting dark.  I'm not a fan of nighttime photography, something about the nuance of afternoon light that really appeals to's magical, that coupled with some great… Continue reading Dodgers Vs Royals 4-09-15

Transformation Part II-Camellia

Transforming ordinary images into 'Fine Art', using textures and filters.  Second in the Transformation Series.  This Camellia was shot using an iPhone4 and edited in Snapseed which is a very neat photo editing software you can get in the Apple App Store for $2.99 (I think) or FREE for Android users in the Google Play… Continue reading Transformation Part II-Camellia

Exciting Game Last Night.

Cypress Pony Dodgers faced off with Cypress Pony Indians last night, and what a great game it was. Our team's batting was on target. The score was 13-6 Dodgers. I'm my kids no. 1 fan,  as evidenced in not only how many photos I take of them,  but by how loudly I cheer them on.… Continue reading Exciting Game Last Night.