Pond Life

Having a water garden is so much fun. It’s fun to create an ecosystem with aquatic plants, fish and to watch all the visitors to the pond throughout the year. During the winter it quiets down with the lilies going dormant, the fish aren’t as active and we get Yellow Rumped Warblers stopping in for a drink and a bath in the waterfall.  During the spring and summer the fish are very active with their spawning and taking care of their babies (fry).  With spring & summer also comes other visitors like Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Wasps and Dragonflies.  It’s fun to photograph these visits if I’m lucky to have my camera nearby.  Today I got a couple good shots of a big orange dragonfly.  I also played around with a water lily bloom in Photoshop.  I’m excited for the next visit, just as long as it’s not a predator like a Heron or Raccoon.  Our location isn’t easily accessible to the big birds and animals, but you never know. 🙂



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