Mission SJC with Angela

I visited (again) one of my most favorite places in SoCal with my dear, lifelong friend Angela.  Mission San Juan Capistrano is still in bloom, and it was such a beautiful day for photography.  The cloud cover was perfect to capture moody shots without the harsh lighting that full sun can bring. Of course, I shot all the old arches, benches, doors, bells and flowers that I love so much.  It was a fun, adventurous day from the heavy drizzle (frizzy hair), trying to find a place that was open to eat (we ate at my fav. El Adobe), wandering around the Mission grounds, and then grabbing some baked goods at Ellie’s Table (YUM)!  If you haven’t been to the Jewel of the Missions, what are you waiting for? There is lots to do down in San Juan Capistrano, from shopping, dining, sight seeing, ghost tours (yes I have been on one), Zoomars Petting Zoo for the little’s, and much more! All of this within walking distance of the Mission, and Historic Los Rios Street that is so rich with history .  I highly recommend a day trip if you live in SoCal, or a weekend trip if you’re from out of the area or driving through.


Here are some of my fav. shots from today. I used my cell phone for some and my big camera for others, but really it’s hard to tell the difference these days  with such amazing quality photos the cell phones produce. See if you can tell the difference!

*Special thank you to the lovely family that asked me to take their photo with their  camera, and I offered to take theirs with mine as well.  I hope you found your way to my website, and feel free to download (right click and save) your photo!




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