South Carolina…I love you!

I recently spent a week in Coastal South Carolina, and let me tell you a little love story.  From the majestic Southern Oaks draped in glorious Spanish Moss, the heavenly soft sanded, sea-oat lined beaches of Hilton Head, to the centuries old stone streets of Old Charleston, Bluffton, Beaufort…and everything in between, I fell in love with everything about you, that includes all the lagoons with lurking alligators.  Now I just need to convince my husband to move there someday, sooner rather than later.  My husband and two teenage boys would be in anglers heaven, as everywhere you look there is a spot to  fish! If there was one complaint to be had, I’d have to say it’s the sand gnats and mosquitoes (which luckily, I did not get bitten once).  The humidity reached 89% which  didn’t phase me much.  I think it’s safe to say, I am smitten by this lovely state and all it has to offer!  Now, I’m a Southern California native, and never thought I could be torn from this magnificent state, but of course certain aspects of living here is unbearable. I’ll leave it at that.   If we ever do move, South Carolina is no.1 on my list, for sure!   I didn’t bring my big guns (camera) with me, and I’ve gotten so many great photos with my iPhone, so I left my baby Canon at home. I managed to grab some 400+photos.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here with you all.


Oh and I forgot to mention, the food is great there. I didn’t get to feast on some real deep south cooking, NEXT TIME! 😉


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