Heavenly & Ryan- Maternity Session

It’s always an honor to photograph such important milestones in life such as engagement, marriage, pregnancy, birth & newborns as well as all the special moments in between. I especially am thrilled to do these photo sessions of family, which makes it all the more special to me personally, and hopefully to my family as well.

Ryan is one of my many Nephews. I remember the day he and his twin brother Cory were born. I remember holding him as a newborn, babysitting him through the years, birthday parties, baseball games, graduations and watching him grow into such a fine man. Ryan, you will be an incredible father as you are husband to Heavenly. Heavenly you are going to be the most amazing Mother to your precious baby girl. Thank you for allowing me to photograph these very special memories for your family to cherish forever. I’m feeling very nostalgic and misty eyed right now, thinking about being Great Auntie to your little miracle. I’m so very excited for you as you move onto a whole new chapter in your lives. Parenthood is life-changing indeed, but nothing in the world compares to the love you have for your children, and how each moment is truly an incredible gift. I love you both, and know you will be the best parents in the world to your baby girl.

Thank you again for trusting in me. Love Auntie Kim ❤

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