About Me



Thank you for visiting my little home on the web.  My name is Kim Adlesh and I am a Professional Photographer in Southern California, over 16 years of experience. I love to capture special moments with dramatic lighting. I’m always looking out for the best backdrops & lighting to make a photo more than just a snapshot, but a work of art. I specialize in Children’s, Family, Senior & Couples Portraiture.  My other favorite subjects are nature and landscape, still life and fine art photography.  I love adding special touch in post processing when I feel it would enhance an image.

I am a mother, I am a wife…I am someone who appreciates the intricate details of life. The way in which I view the world, I want to share with those who care.  I may not hear the things that others do, but with my eyes I connect and can “hear” things that others might not notice, like the quietness of a spider spinning a beautiful web, the solitude of a water droplet resting on a rose petal, the swaying of a leaf, the vibration of children stomping through the mud, or the way the wind sounds through the trees, as I look through the lens.  When the light is right, I lose sight of the distractions around me. Everything around us holds beauty within, it just takes us to open our eyes to see it. The images I capture help me to hear the world around me.  I wish I could record all of life’s precious moments, but I am lucky enough to capture few and share with you. Welcome to my world.  I hope the beauty that I see touches you in some gentle  kind of way.

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