Time for Baseball! Let the Fun Begin!

Baseball season started….Yahoo! Aaron is on the New York Yankee’s Bronco Division, and Jonathan is on the St. Louis Cardinals, Mustang Division. Darren is busy Managing Jonathan’s team, and Assistant Coaching Aaron’s!  Opening Ceremonies was last Saturday as well as Aaron’s team’s 1st game.  Aaron was the starting pitcher (and do I dare say, the first pitch thrown of the season was a HR!).  With head in hands, I just giggled.  Aaron  shook it off and pitched a fantastic 3 innings! Aaron’s team lost the first game, 8-7.  They won their second game 13-10! Aaron hit a double off the center field fence, ran two men in! You could see his dimples from a mile away!

Jonathan’s team won both of their games so far.  The first game they played was against the Houston Astros , final score was 19-3.  The second game was against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the final score was 13-1.  During the second game, Jonathan hit a triple and his next up he hit a HR! He was pretty excited to say the least!

I was designated Team Website and Facebook Page Moderator, as well as Team Photographer for Jonathan’s team, so it looks as though I have my work cut out for me!  I so love to capture  timeless moments of my boys and all their teammates, so this will be a fun & busy season!   I will share some of my favorite photos.

Here are the links to their Team Homepages as well as their Facebook Pages.  Click “Like” on our FB page..the more fans the merrier!

Bronco-NY Yankee’s FB Page         Bronco-NY Yankee’s Pony League Home Page

Mustang-St. Louis Cardinals FB Page      Mustang-St. Louis Cardinals Pony League Home Page